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Green Bay Jobs

There are no Green Bay jobs available at this time.

Midwest Labor Green Bay Area Office

Midwest Labor - Green Bay Area

3019 W Spencer Street, Suite 102
Appleton, WI  54914

Phone: 920-574-2236
Fax: 920-364-9454

Midwest Labor is proud to announce that we are accepting clients and applications for the Green Bay Area. Please Submit the application online and one of our staff will connect with you shortly to schedule an interview.

We will work in the Green Bay area Remotely and our closest full service office is located in Appleton. We will take walk in applicants for the Green Bay Area periodically at local employment Service Centers.

Please watch the website for more details!

For any questions please feel free to contact Michael DeChamps, the General Office Manager at the Appleton office for any more information you may need.

We look forward to servicing the clients of Green Bay, and being able to partner with our future employees!

Give us a call at (920) 574-2236

See the list at the right for our current job listings.

If you are looking for work, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 920-574-2236 or email us at

The fastest way for EMPLOYERS to get registered with the Midwest Labor Green Bay Area office is to use the New Employer Registration Form or FOR JOB SEEKERS, the New Job Seeker Application Form.